Lightsey Investigative Agency, Inc. is located in St. Augustine, Florida and provides professional service to those in need of criminal, civil, private theft, infidelity concerns and many more services. Specializing in interviewing and locating people.

At Lightsey Investigative Agency, our clients are treated with the highest degree of confidentiality.  Many years of experience and notable expertise ensure that you have selected the right investigator.We are committed to providing you with the best possible solutions. We use the latest technologies that include top of the line data bases and keep abreast of the ever changing investigative techniques.  Our goal is to process your request quickly and ethically. Providing independent analysis of all services.
Lightsey Investigative Agency is active in a number of professional organizations including the Florida Association of Licensed Investigators and The Florida Association of Professional Investigators. 

Let My Expertise Help Solve Your Case With Over

35 Years of Experience in Investigations.

Specializing in Infidelity, Background Checks, Due Diligence, Crimes, Civil, Computer Forensics, Child Custody, DNA Analysis,Video Photography,Video Surveillance, Locating People, Interviews, Bug Check and Sweeps, Polygraphs, Worker's Comp, Drug Screening, Theft, Subpoenas, and Insurance Fraud. 24/7  

St. Augustine, Florida

Florida State License Number A-2600094 C-2600216

Office:  (904) 829-5333

Cell:     (904) 669-0768
Fax:     (904) 827-1989