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Lightsey Investigative Agency, Let My Experience Work For You.

Worker's Comp, Polygraphs, Locating People, Interviews, Drug Screening, Background Checks with Complete History, Due Diligence Searches, Criminal, Civil, Small Business and Corporate Fraud, Surveillance, Employee Theft, Theft in General, Computer Forensics Analysis, Accident Investigation, Child Custody, Infidelity, GPS Tracking, Bug Checks and Sweeps, Subpoenas, DNA Analysis, Insurance Fraud, Video Surveillance and Video Photography

Important Tips to Know Before Hiring an Investigator:

1.) Does the agency have a license to practice? If so, it should be printed on the contract, or website. Somewhere that can be seen by the client. A Detective should have this readily available for the client.

2.) A contract or client retainer agreement is necessary for you the client and the agency. The contract should state what your objective or objectives are and all the necessary information to proceed in the investigation. The contract should state that your case is Confidential and is provided to you and or your attorney only.

3.) How many years of experience does the Private Investigator or Detective have?

4.) Is the Private Investigator or Detective that you may be hiring familiar with the area you are seeking information from?

5.) Does the Private Investigator/Detective have good contacts in the area and also good contact with local authorities?

St. Augustine, Florida